3 Exercises to Build Your Body Muscles

3 Exercises to Build Your Body Muscles

Do you want to have an athletic body? If so, then you need a lot of exercise and should be done regularly. There are various types of exercises that you can do every day, but not all of them can make your body look athletic. In this case, you have to exercise a little heavier or check out these bodybuilding supplements – Crazy Bulk, to obtain maximum results.

  1. Hanging Leg Raise

The first bodybuilding tips are hanging leg raise. This exercise is performed with the position of the body depend on the bar, then lift your knees toward your chest. The more you master this core strength exercises you will be more outstanding. The more reps you’re able to do then your abdominal muscles will be more fully formed. This exercise works on the lower abdomen muscles. Perform variation by rotating the knee to the left and right side when the position is already above the knee to form the side of the abdominal muscles.

  1. Pull Up

The second bodybuilding tips are pull up. The pull-up is one of the group exercises in which one movement will work on several muscles. This is the best exercise that works almost on all muscle groups in the upper body, especially your back muscles outer part and bicep muscles. Many beginners do this exercise in the gym because it looks heavy and would be embarrassing if only able to do 2-3 reps. Throw away your sense of shame, because even an experienced personal trainer once became a beginner like you. To do pull-ups, hold on the bar with both hands facing forward, the grip width is slightly wider than your shoulders. Lift the body up to the shoulders pass the bar, hang on a minute and then slowly lower your body.

  1. Push UP

The third bodybuilding tips are Push up. before you know gym, you would ever do the push-ups. Perhaps, it seems very easy for you, but you have to do it several times and it might be tiring. The purpose of push up is to form your shoulder muscle, chest muscle, and upper back muscle. You have to do so many push up movements to get the best result. The point is that you can control and maintain your movements and keep your body straight to the floor. Just do the push up as many as you can, don’t force yourself to get a hundred. The most important thing is that you can do it regularly every day. After a few months, you will see your muscle formed.


In summary, those are three kinds of hard exercises for bodybuilding tips that you can do at home. In this case, you have to exercise regularly to get the maximum result. Otherwise, it will just waste your time if you do not perform regular exercise. You can perform the exercises every morning and evening. One other thing, control your diet if you want to get the best result quickly.