3 Bodybuilding Tips & 6 Mistakes to Avoid

bodybuilding mistakes to avoid

Bodybuilding Tips

Some people who want to gain muscles and build their body tend to choose to work out at the gym. It is because there is various equipment that is available. But there are some others that choose to do the workout at their home. Maybe it is because they feel more comfortable in their homes or maybe they are too busy to have the schedule at the gym. If you are also one of the people who can’t go to the gym regularly but want to build your body then you shouldn’t be a worry. It is because there are some exercises that you can do at your home. These are some of the bodybuilding tips that you can apply at your home:

  1. Doing push up

Doing a push up regularly and properly is also can be done as one of the bodybuilding tips that you can do by yourself at home. There are no equipment that you need to have for doing push up. But, the most important thing is you have to make the commitment to do it habitually. You can have the schedule every day on what time and how many pushes that you do.

Besides, you also have to add the quantity of the push-up. For example, today you can twenty push up then tomorrow you should try to do thirty push up. It is better for you to find the information on how to do the push up correctly. It is because it will give big effects on your bodybuilding program.

  1. Bicep exercises

The other bodybuilding tips that you can do at home are doing the bicep exercises. The equipment that you need for doing this kind of exercise is only a barbell. It doesn’t matter if you only have a small barbell. It still works for gaining the muscles. The key factor for doing these exercises is the proper form. You can start with the elbows at the side and the barbells in the hands. You should know well how to lift the barbells because it can be the main point for building your body.

  1. Doing Split Squat Jump

Doing a split squat jump is the other bodybuilding tips that you can do everywhere without any equipment needed. It looks like a simple exercise but it can help you to build the muscles. You can start by doing the split stance and then squat down and blow up into the air, switch the legs and finally land on the contrary stance.


Those three tips have been mentioned above are only some of the bodybuilding tips that can be done at home. Even though those exercises look simple but they help a lot for gaining the muscles that you can do everywhere including your home. Moreover, those exercises do not need special equipment. To get the bodybuilding that you want, you must push yourself to do those exercises every day.

Body Building Tips to Do At Home

6 Bodybuilding Mistakes To Avoid

Having six-pack abs can make men feel more confident and proportional. However, getting six-pack abs is not that easy. You must do a lot of workouts every day and you also must avoid some mistakes when training. Consuming legal steroids is not enough to get an effective result in order to make your abs look fantastic. During the exercise, you also need to do it correctly but most the people do not know the best way to build their abs muscles. Therefore, I will share with you about some mistakes that you often do when you exercise to get six-pack abs.

Mistake One: Exercise without Durability

Basically, the abs muscle is similar to the chest muscle and back muscle. So, why do not you do the same exercise? In this case, if you really want to form abs muscle optimally, then you should not limit your weight lifting exercise. For instance, you can do as many as 12 up to 15 repetitions or you can do more than that. But, you also need to remember to consume legal steroid for the most effective result.

Mistake Two: Exercise without Intensity

Most of the people think that forming the abs muscle is very easy by doing some exercises such as leg raise and crunch at the end of the workout. However, you need to know that the abs muscle is basically similar to the other muscles. The most important thing is that you need to give the same intensity as other muscles. You should not afraid to force the muscle by doing some light and heavy movement. This may be better than the usual workout.

Mistake Three: Minimal Movement

There are a lot of people who exercise in a gym arena who perform the same repeated movement continuously. Perhaps, the crunch movement is big enough but you only do the same movement. The abs muscle must be trained slowly with regular repetition. You need to pay attention to your movement when doing stretch contraction and abs muscle in which it must be stable until the end. A fast repetition will only cause injury and it is useless.

Mistake Four: Wrong Movement

When you train your thigh muscle and triceps muscle with various movements, then the abs muscle must also be trained in the same ways. How to do it? First, you need to focus on the bottom part of the abs. You can do some movements such as leg raise with straight legs or bending position. The second, you can start to do a sit-up on the bottom abs with abs in bending position.  The third, as for developing side abs and an upper part, then you can do the rotary motion such as cable rotation.

Mistake Five: Forgetting the Movement for Core Muscles

You may see some athletes who utilize a belt when they want to do weight lifting. The purpose is to make the body more stable in the position. This is really understandable, but it may give some effects if you forget the core muscle. You may get injured if you are mistaken. So, you need to make sure that you do some movements that support core muscles so that the body will be growing better.

Mistake Six: Using a Leg Anchoring

Usually, a professional weight lifting athlete places his leg under a pad when doing a crunch or other movements. You must be careful because it can cause back pain when you make a mistake. So, you are recommended to focus on using a plank or you can let your leg without anchoring.

Final Thoughts

Well, those are some mistakes that most of the amateur bodybuilders make when they are doing exercise to build their abs muscles. In fact, getting in shape or six-pack body is not that difficult if you do it properly. It seems that you need to learn from your mistakes. The mistake is not a big deal because all of the athletes have ever made some mistakes when exercising. But, you need to try to improve it and try the best ways to get the best result.