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Start Now Scholarship is a staunch believer of maximizing one’s effort and time spent in exercising body muscles. We provide honest reviews and reliable information on bodybuilding supplements that earned us the trust of our site visitors. We also promote Crazy Bulk, a product that we trust 100%.

Likewise, believes in students who put in great effort in order to learn in school. In fact, we support one student each year through our Start Now Scholarship, a scholarship program that aims to motivate everyone who have goals to START NOW.

If you are a student, you are qualified to apply for our scholarship. The application is totally free. Get a chance to win the $1500 scholarship fund just by submitting these requirements to or


We will choose the winner through a thorough evaluation of your submitted essay. The essay should be at least 500 words and backed up with actuals facts and views of credible people. For this year’s essay topic, applicants should discuss “Strength Training in Kids and Adolescents: Good or Bad?”

Give us in writing a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of strength training at an early age. Then conclude with your personal view and stand on the issue posed by the essay topic. Save your work in .docx format.

NOTE: By sending us your essay, you give us rights to post it in


This will be a 100-word biography about yourself, including basic personal info such as: name, address, school, contact number. Save it as a .docx file too.

NOTE: Your personal info is safe with us. We will not share it without your permission.


We are strict about giving this scholarship to certified students. We check if you are indeed enrolled in a school/college/university. Without this, you will not be qualified for the scholarship.

NOTE: We are also keen on giving new aspirants a chance to win, so we are currently not accepting applications of those who already won in the past years.

The deadline of submission of these requirements is on April 20, 2020. Our announcement of the winner will follow shortly, 3-5 days after the deadline. We will initiate communication with the winner and the check ($1500) will be mailed directly.