Steroids for Women

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A Comprehensive Overview of Steroids for Women

While the concept of steroids is directly associated with massive and masculine men, there is a common misconception that steroids are not for women.

Built-in this generation apart from women’s lifters and sports figures, women have built up a strong bonding with steroids.

Surprisingly, many women are nowadays taking interest in steroids than it was believed or expected.

The conception of effects of steroids on women is now literally being dug by enthusiasts, who love acquiring a masculine, strong and impressive physique.

The demand for anabolic steroids is increasing among women with many women willing to adhere to them.

What’s the Benefit for Women taking Steroids

In generally people refrain from the thoughts of imagining women on steroids since steroids are feared by stealing the feminism of women.

But when you know the right kind of steroids which are safe and good for women, anabolic steroids or safe and legal steroids and then undoubtedly steroids and women can exist in harmony.

All you need to understand is the responsible and thoughtful use of steroids. It is true indeed that there are comparatively few anabolic steroids that women can choose to supplement safely in comparison to that of men.

While the dosages for men are higher, for women it is quite low, so as not to come in the way of women feminism.

Low dosages and a selected range of steroids are enough for the results in generally desired by women, however, all you need to know is which are the ones safe for you and suitable for you.

There is a wide misconception that steroids for women tend to develop unlikely manlike masculine physique, the truth behind the false perception is that women on a well-regulated low dose of steroids profiles can rather take advantage of a long list of positive effects of steroids.

Since most people are unaware of the broad spectrum of positive effects of female steroids which can help to boost a woman’s overall physical strength, stamina and capacity, here’s the complete list of positive aspects of women is on steroids:

  • Encourages healthy muscle growth and human growth hormone.
  • Helps to preserve and build muscle.
  • Enhances the fat burning process of the body thereby encouraging only lean muscles, that substance over fat.
  • Women on steroids tend to improve theirs over physical strength as well as endurance capacity.
  • Helps you to achieve improved and well defined physical structure.
  • Offers a definite sculpt to the body, such as professional bodybuilder with six-packs.
  • Since it enhances the fat burning process, it also helps you to lose unwanted excess weight.
  • Not only your inner stamina and strength but overall activity-oriented performances gain positive power.

What are the effects of taking steroids?

The latest hype about skinny lean body structure is actually not oriented around losing just fat. You essentially need to strengthen your muscles, burn fat and gain on lean muscles in order to achieve an attractive and desirable lean, masculine body line.

And this is what steroids can help you in. Many people might not know but in reality, anabolic steroids are basically compounds of artificial testosterone hormones, which in particular is the main hormone that regulates the body’s masculine growth and structure. While pursuing a well built, strong and masculine body one must be aware of the complete scenario.

It is indeed true that anabolic steroids boost masculine features, and this is the reason why you cannot choose from the range of steroids consumed by men.

There is a distinguished and selective range of female anabolic steroids which are tentatively less masculine variants which allows you to strain maximum benefit of the steroids while keeping yourself aloof from stern men like masculine features.

These anabolic steroids are consumed for enhancing one’s performance level as well and which is why they are not preferable for use for any sportsperson owing to the undue advantages which they offer.

Are Steroids Helpful for Women Willing to Lose Weight?

Steroids have showcased a prominent role for those who have chosen it for weight loss programs.

Not only do steroids promote essential muscle growth, lean muscle build-up and strengthening of muscle tissues, it also effectively helps in burning those excess fats.

Steroids are used by a wide range of women as well apart from men; however, among women, it is still gaining popularity.

Nowadays you can find sports enthusiasts, gym alcoholics, and fitness experts and models as well as media personalities taking up steroids to acquire the desired physique.

Though there was a popular conception that steroids are not for women use, and it is only men who can take steroids. Indeed, there are truly some risk factors when it comes to powerful steroids but when women on steroids make sure to go for low dosages of steroids and a few particular safe steroids only.

The demand for steroids is now essentially accentuating and people are gaining more knowledge about the safe steroids which does not threaten the feminism of women who consume them. Moreover, only consuming steroids without proper exercise and diet plans will essentially not work out and you may not acquire the desired result.

Therefore you need to maintain the strict routine of diet, physical workouts as well as steroid supplements to get a stunning body and yet keep your feminism intact.

How do Anabolic Steroids work biologically

In the case of testosterone deficiency, these steroids are used to meet the deficiency in the body. These steroids are actually a synthetic compound form of the male hormone that is generally responsible for all the masculine aspects of men.

The hormone in men that attributes to the masculine features is known as the testosterone. The synthetic variation of this growth hormone that is the steroids are responsible for inhibiting those masculine features.

The level of testosterone is increased inside the body by the steroids which helps one to gain the consecutive masculine aspects connected to the hormone, that is, increased muscle mass, enhanced circulation of red blood cells throughout the body which helps the cells and tissues of the body to be more active and also increased level of calcium which again strengthens the bones of the body.

However, it is indeed true that due to the high level of androgenic and its effects, it can often lead to virilization.

Therefore, it is recommended that choose steroids wisely and judging it by its androgenic effects.

Virilization Steroids

The universal fear cropped up around the steroid abuse turning a woman into a man is not completely untrue.

The anabolic-androgenic steroids are synthetic versions of the primary male sex hormone known as testosterone boosters, and while the use of steroids might not turn a woman into a man, but if not careful can lead to the appearance of some male features.

Owing to the regular steroid supplement consumption the level of androgens in the body increases which makes way for the risk of male traits appearance, such as women who look like men.

In generally androgens are produced in both males and females; however, in the case of males the level is higher with androgens in both testosterone cypionate & testosterone enanthate and Dihydrotestosterone.

Now in the case of men, they require approximately ten times higher quantity of androgens, and for women, it is much lower. With uncontrolled steroid supplements, consumption women tend to scale up their androgens level they can grow masculine features.

This process of appearance of masculine features owing to the extensive level of androgens in women is termed as virilization.

Some of the common virilizing effects in women include:

  • Growth of body hair and facial hair
  • Enlargement of the clitoral
  • Vocal Chords get deepened

While there is steroid which can impose these type of side effect there are also multiple steroids which are safe and do not create much side effects. Now, wise women essentially make sure that they have done their homework of safe steroids, legal steroids with low androgens level, etc.

How Women on Steroids can Avoid Virilization

When it comes to anabolic steroids more or less all the female-friendly steroids have some proportion of virilizing properties effects. Now the effects of virilization tend to appear more in cases of steroids with high androgens content and low on other cases.

Therefore, equating is simply, when it’s for female bodybuilders you need to choose steroids which offer a low level of virilization effects, being frank on the topic, it is actually not possible to find a steroid supplement completely devoid of androgens and therefore low risk of virilization effects.

Thus, the way out to avoid virilization is to:

  • Choose a low androgens level steroid.
  • Study reviews about the steroids and their side effects.
  • Preferably choose to consume a lower dosage of steroids as per prescription.
  • In case you find anyone or two virilization symptoms which begin to show, you must immediately discontinue the use of the steroid. Somehow, these effects tend to disappear once you discontinue the consumption of the steroid.

Again, the level of tolerance tends to differ among women to women. Therefore, one woman may be able to tolerate the side effects of a steroid, while another might not. It is something the capacity and tolerance level of consuming dairy products, milk and cheese as much as you want.

While women bodybuilders may be able to digest them seamlessly, another one may not be and may fall sick. Again some others may have milk intolerance as well. So each person is different with different capacities of tolerance, resistance, power of adjustment, etc.

Steroid users must remain alert for any symptoms of side effects or virilization once you start consuming a steroid supplement during pre-workouts. Ignoring the symptoms or overlooking them can cause greater damage which might take a lot of toll for repair later.

Therefore, before stocking piles of steroid supplement, take on a steroid cycle for 2 weeks as a sample basis, and try out and look for any kind of symptoms. If even after months of use you don’t find any noticeable change of symptoms, probably it’s safe for you, and suits you.

Popular Choices of Steroids for Women

Since all steroids do not tend to be suitable for women and may showcase an extensive range of virilization effects, there are few particular ones that are generally preferred by women.

For men, there is a huge list of choices when it comes to steroid but the choice for women is rather narrow since you need to filter as per few criterions like:

  • Safe on health.
  • Does not risk the feminism of women.
  • Low androgens level.
  • Must suit one in respect to virilization effects showcasing.



Trenorol is popular owing to its distinguished capability of enhancing muscle growth and enhancement of energy level. This is popular amongst gym rats and models; this is a rather legal version of Trenbolone. This synthetic alternative of Trenbolone, not only helps you to gain mass that is muscle but also helps in adding strength and higher your energy levels.

  • It has the extensive potentiality to improve and enhance the better circulation of red blood cells and oxygen, which helps in improved functioning of all organs, better metabolism, fat burning, etc.
  • It helps the body to reduce the amount of water retention.
  • Helps to burn body fat.
  • Offers maximum muscle gain and preserve lean muscle.
  • It helps to boost your muscle strength and stamina.
  • You can also acquire distinguished lean muscles and defined physique.
  • Fat burning process does not interfere in muscle gaining.



Winstrol is quite popular among the athletes who prefer this steroid supplement as it seamlessly alters the proportion and level of high-density lipoproteins in the body which again helps in shedding off excess fat and gaining substantial lean muscles.

Winsol works particularly to:

  • Fat Burner.
  • Slim and lean masculine body.
  • It often considered being perfect to gain cutting cycles.
  • You do not need any surgical implementation in this case to acquire a masculine yet lean physique.

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Since Clenbuterol exhibits a mild anabolic stimulant property it is naturally a safer option when it comes to women on steroids. Clenbutrol works specifically as a diet pill which has the potential power to extensively stimulate the entire thermogenic process of the body.

The thermogenic process is related to controlling the metabolism of the body and also for reducing extra fat depositions. Besides one of the added advantages with this supplement is that it has the ability to ability improve the cardiovascular performance of the body by improved blood circulation in the entire body which again improves the distribution of oxygen to each cell of the body.

  • It is strong and efficient fat loss.
  • Increases the growth of lean muscle mass.
  • Helps you to gain well-defined physique and performance enhancing.
  • It also enhances the body’s stamina that is endurance level during weight training.
  • Gain muscles & Increased muscle strength.



In today’s world, the need and demand for a strong, powerful, lean yet devoid of the fat physique is extreme. You may not be a fan of zero figures but no woman can deny the craving and desire for a lean and fit and storing body.

The role of steroids in enhancing your body power, the growth of lean muscles, the process of gaining mass and shredding excessive fat is more than what a woman can desire.

Legal Steroids have been popular among media and silver screen personalities to athletes, gym enthusiasts, to models, and nowadays the list is growing even bigger. In general, women are becoming more conscious of good physique.

The masculine physique is no more an exclusive forte of men; women are also indulging in gaining a masculine body with their feministic approaches intact. The oral and injectable steroids can be safe if you pick one according to your stamina and body.

You essentially need to review the different features of the steroid and take up any supplement on a trial basis to examine all the virilization symptoms, side effects and then carry on with a supplement.