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Everything You Need to Know About Crazy Mass A-Anolone

You may have tried a number of bodybuilding supplements, but still, get no satisfying result. Before you try random supplements which possibly have health effects; it is better to take a look at safe alternative Crazy Mass A-Anolone. It is the best selling supplement and also a powerful pumping product for natural muscle growth produced by the reputable manufacturer, Crazy Mass. Read more for our recent posts Crazy Mass Reviews.

The supplement is created through detailed research and experience and only uses natural ingredients to keep the body in anabolic mode. Promising fast muscle pumping, quick recovery, and energy boost; A-Anolone intramuscular is not the same as random supplements on the market.

What is A-Anolone?

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A-Anolone is a 100% legal and safe steroid which has a powerful formula to help to get lean muscle mass for up to 20 pounds in the first cycle. Formerly known as Anadrolone, the supplement gives fast results and helps you cut cycles as well as increase strength in bulking and strength cycles. Manufactured by Crazy Mass, the A-Anolone is one of the best bulking and strength legal steroids on the market. The effect it has been designed to copy the popular steroid Anadrol which is known as Oxymetholone.

The supplement increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention to improve muscle mass. The consumption of the supplement also leads to other health benefits such as delay in fatigue, an increase in the production of red blood cells, delivery of more oxygen to the muscle, fast recovery, and boosting energy. In addition, the supplement also manages speed recovery due to protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

The supplement allows you to get the best from your time, money, and effort. You can stack the supplement with other steroid pills such as cutting stack/strength stack / bulking stack / ultimate stack for more savings, but using the A-Anolone alone is enough to give superb results. The important thing is to take the supplement according to the directions. Since the product is made of 100% natural ingredients, there are no known side effects.

Benefits and functions of Crazy Mass A-Anolone

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A-Anolone is produced from powerful ingredients that are beneficial for muscle building. The supplement works through an increase in protein synthesis to boost body strength. It increases nitrogen retention and improves energy supply to the muscle to help achieve the lean muscle goal and also promotes quick recovery after a strenuous and bruising workout.

A-Anolone helps achieve massive pumps while delaying fatigue at the same time. In addition, the supplement also naturally increases the testosterone level without causing severe side effects. For the first result, the supplement can increase the lean muscle up to 10-20 pounds. In general, the functions of A-Anolone are described as follows.

  • Increase protein synthesis

This is one of the main features of the supplement to increase protein synthesis in the body. Protein synthesis in the body is important for building muscle strength and size. If you are attempting to build muscle, it is important to note that protein is the main substance for building blocks of muscle.

  • Enhance nitrogen retention

In order to improve muscle mass and strength, the supplement helps increase nitrogen retention in the body. Thanks to the soy protein isolate in A-Anolone, the supplement has the ability to aid nitric oxide retention.

  • Increase blood production

The supplement features an important benefit which is an increase in the production of red blood cells to enhance the oxygen delivery to the muscle during a workout. It is also powerful when it comes to increasing raw power, stamina, and strength for a longer and harder workout. The Acetyl L-Carnitine found in the supplement is responsible to improve the production of red blood cells as well as improving the blood circulation to the brain.

  • Delay fatigue

The problem with prolonged workout is fatigue. A-Anolone contains Shilajit, a powerful Indian medicine which has the ability to relieve fatigue. The supplement also promotes quick recovery after a hard training session. This helps you achieve massive pumps and muscle gain as well.

Ingredients of A-Anolone

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  • DHEA

This ingredient is known as Dehydroepiandrosterone; it is an androgenic hormone which the body naturally produces in the adrenal glands. For supplements, DHEA is produced from the extraction from wild yam and soy. In the body, the hormone gives men around 50% of testosterone. DHEA is the central role for male enhancement testosterone booster in this supplement.

DHEA has been used for various health purposes such as increased muscle mass, anti-aging, memory enhancement, energy boost, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, weak bones, heart disease prevention, and fat burners. As has been said before, DHEA is also beneficial for men’s sexual disorders including low libido and erectile dysfunction.

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine

It is a kind of amino acid that the body naturally produces. The amino acid provides energy while improving the blood circulation in the brain. This helps prevent depression, Alzheimer’s, and other mental disorders.

L-Carnitine is also beneficial for fat burning as well as energy-boosting which makes it included in a wide variety of fitness products. Further, the substance is also used for the aging problem, infertility, and low testosterone problems.

  • Shilajit

Shilajit is a unique ingredient which is widely used for Indian medicine for years. The substance is believed to contain 85 different minerals which occur in ionic form. Also known as moomiyo, Shilajit has plenty of documented studies on humans and animals and its health benefits.

These studies found out that Shilajit exhibits anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, immunomodulatory, adaptogenic, and also anti-dyslipidemic properties. The substance also acts as a revitalizer and enhances spermatogenesis which also enhances physical performance as well as relieves fatigue.

  • Soy and whey protein isolate

The soy isolate contains high amounts of protein which is beneficial for health. Between soy and whey, most workout enthusiasts’ choice is whey, because of its ability to improve physical performance as well as promote better muscle growth.

In addition, the substance is also beneficial for muscle repair and promotes fast muscle recovery after working out. On the other hand, soy also has many advantages as it contains isoflavones which is a phytochemical substance that is beneficial for reducing the risk of cancer.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Crazy Mass A-Anolone elite series also contains Tribulus Terrestris which is a plant extract widely used in the bodybuilding industry. The substance works in lessening the symptoms of infertility, angina, and also enhances athletic performance. The substance is suggested to help reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.

In addition, researchers also found out that Tribulus’ has the ability to boost the natural testosterone production which is called LH or Luteinizing hormone. The LH is a pituitary hormone which is responsible for testosterone levels regulations.

Using A-Anolone for muscle building

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The supplement is considered safe as long as you take it according to the instructions. One bottle of CrazyMass A-Anolone contains 60 capsules which weigh 50mg each. The prescribed dosage is 2 capsules a day and pair with meals. The supplement should be taken even on the day when you are off working out. Before working out, it is recommended to take the supplement 30-45 minutes before beginning the exercise.

To get the desired result, take the supplement continuously for at least two months or 60 days. When taking this supplement, make sure to strictly follow the directions on the bottle.

Stacking with Crazy Mass strength stack, cutting stack or bulking stack can give you immense power and help gain up to 30 pounds of lean muscle in an average eight-week cycle with diet plan. In addition, it also boosts stamina and strength, so you can work out even better.

Side Effects of A-Anolone 

Crazy Mass A-Anolone is a legal steroid supplement containing 100% natural ingredients in which it is supposed to have no side effects. You can use this supplement and get the advantage without worrying about the possible side effects if you take it as directed. Taking the supplement without following the directions could lead to some side effects such as dizziness and headaches.

In addition, taking too much of A-Anolone may also result in minimized appetite levels. If you have certain health issues or under medication, it is best to seek advice from a doctor or health practitioner for possible risks associated with medicines and the supplement.

The supplement will only be effective if followed by an intense exercise program or bodybuilding workout session. If you are not doing a strong workout, there will be no result. Even if you are in the resting day, you still need to take the supplement regularly.

Crazy Mass A-Anolone for Sale

A-Anolone is only available online in the Crazy Mass official website. The product will be delivered at least three days after you have made the purchase. For an amazing product with a promising result, A-Anolone can be quite pricey, but it is worth the money and effort as well.

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Overall, A-Anolone is proven to have effective results in weight loss. The supplement works by increasing red blood cell production and increasing oxygenation to the muscle tissues. The natural ingredients help eliminate the negative side effects which make the supplement safe for cutting stack and bulking stack. Even though the price is expensive, the product is worth your money and effort in exercising. You may stack with crazy bulk Testo max, Winnidrol elite series, Clentrimix elite series, Deca Durabolin or appetite suppressant pills for great results.

Oxymetholone: How is it used and its purposes?

A men’s made form of hormone which is basically used to treat anemia and helps in boosting the bodyweight is oxymetholone. The drug is similar to testosterone and helps a lot in athletic performances. It builds up your body ad helps you in the field as well. With many steroids out here in the e-market for you to grab onto, you can always choose the drug as it is one of the best with a lot of beneficial qualities.

1. What is oxymetholone?

Primarily used in treating anemia, Oxymetholone is an anabolic steroid medication that can otherwise also be used for treating diseases like HIV/AIDS or osteoporosis. This is an oral medication and has to be taken through the mouth and also known as famous bodybuilding supplements helps in promoting the strength gains, growth of muscles and helps in gaining weight. The drug is mostly referred to by your doctor and should be taken over a certain duration. Overdose of the drug or using it for a long time can have a serious impact on your body. Since the drug is legal and can be used to accumulate mass and gain stamina, it is important for you to acquire the right product.

2. Benefits of oxymetholone

There are many known benefits of the drug. Since it is legal to use the drug, there are many additional advantages that you should be made aware of.

  • Since the drug was introduced to treat anemia and muscle wasting diseases, it is one of the best steroids that do help in gaining the weight and bulking of muscles as we know. The count in the red blood cells increase which helps in increasing your blood count and the stamina that is required if you are an athlete or bodybuilder.
  • Since oxymetholone has the properties of increasing your appetite and red blood cells, it automatically increases your hunger and metabolism rate which leads to consumption of food and increase in your muscle strength and gain weight a lot faster than you can anticipate.
  • It also helps in increasing your stamina while you perform on the field. It has been observed that people who intake oxymetholone, has a greater hold over their stamina than people who do not. The drug helps you so that you do not get tired easily and can keep up your performance rate.
  • It is one of the best oral steroids that have ever been invented and with its immense power; you can actually notice the change in your weight and physic. It helps you put on an insane amount of muscle and will help you increase your stamina as well.
  • You get a fuller look with this steroid and you can use the muscle power in the competition as it helps you achieve a better look than your competitors which will help you in the process of winning the competition.

3. Is a prescription required for purchasing the drug?

Oxymetholone is a powerful anabolic, which is legal and can be used to gain body weight and build up your muscle strength. But there are certain precautions that should be undertaken while using this drug. It is imperative that you should consult your doctor before taking on the drug and know exactly how much you can intake for the amazing results. You can get the drug over the counter or buy online. Prescription is required in certain countries while some sell the drug without a prescription. If you ever feel that there are side effects that are taking place due to the consumption of the drug, it is advised that you immediately consult your doctor. You should never consume the drug if you are pregnant as it causes complications in birth and hampers the child.

4. Dosage of oxymetholone

The drug should be taken exactly how your doctor has prescribed you to intake. Overdosing of the drug can lead to serious problems and complications. It is recommended that you do not take a larger amount of the drug or take it for a longer amount of time. The directions that the doctor has provided should be followed immaculately because the drug has a pattern to work. The doctor may change the dosage of the drug to see whether it is actually taking effect. You should keep in mind that it is important to follow the doctor’s instruction while taking the drug as there may be side effects to it.

5. Side effects of oxymetholone

With all its great benefits and the help, it provides, oxymetholone has some side effects that cannot be ignored. These are:

  • The change in skin color is an important point that you should keep in mind. Consult your doctor immediately if this shows up.
  • It is known that the drug helps in weight gain but the process should be gradual. If you experience swelling or rapid weight gain, consult our doctor immediately.
  • If you find problems while urinating, this is also a side effect of the drug
  • The increase in penis size is also a problem that can be caused by the drug.
  • A series of problems that may arise and should not be taken lightly are vomiting, nausea, loss in appetite, yellow fever or stomach pain. These are also the side effects of the drug and a doctor should be consulted immediately if any of the problems arise.
  • Women who are undergoing the drug may develop male characteristics. These characteristics may be irreversible and if you notice anything as such, it is imperative for you to consult your doctor.
  • The woman’s voice deepens and there is an eruption of acne.
  • Changes in menstrual cycle happen which should not be treated lightly.
  • The clitoris enlarges and the sex drive also increases.

6. Information on Oxymetholone

The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that it should not be taken if you are pregnant at any cost. As the medication causes birth defects, it is advised not to take the medication if you are pregnant. Usage of proper birth control is advised and immediate consultation to the doctor is required if you find that you are pregnant. It is advised not to use the drug if you are allergic to oxymetholone or if you have breast cancer or prostate cancer.

It is also advised not to use the drug if you are suffering from severe kidney or liver disease. To know the fact, that the drug is helping your condition for the reason you are taking it, your blood needs to be tested on a regular basis by your doctor. You should not miss out any appointments and try to follow the instructions that your doctor has told you to follow. It takes over a period of 6 months for the drug to take effect and improve your symptoms. Inform your doctor if there are no changes after 3 months.

7. Overdose

You can easily forget your dose of medication but that does not mean that you need to overdose to make up for that missed dose. If you miss your dose of oxymetholone you should take it immediately as soon as you remember. It is not advised to take an extra dose to make up for the missed one. Overdosing on the drug does not bring life-threatening situations. If you have overdosed on the drug, seek help from your doctor and they might be able to help you and bring the situation under control.

8. What you should not be doing while taking Oxymetholone

Since the drug is used for treating anemia as well and the other benefits come as an added bonus, it is important that you follow your doctor’s advice on how to use the drug and what not to do while in taking the thing. There are certain restrictions on food and beverages that your doctor will advise you while you are on the drug. Exercises are allowed while using it but there are certain activities that the doctor will not allow you to do and you should not practice them if you want to get the best result out of the drug that you are in taking.

9. Intake of the drug

Oxymetholone is a steroid and one of the best in the market that you can use to gain weight and which also helps in an increase in muscle strength. Since it is a steroid and basically used for the treatment of anemia, it is to be taken through the mouth with the added assistance of water or milk. This is an oral steroid and should not be taken in any other form except orally. It should be taken regularly according to the doctor has prescribed.

10. Customer feedback

If you really want to go through the intense process of bodybuilding and want to add on to your muscle strength, oxymetholone is one of the steroids that will help you gain the desired effect. You should know that there are plenty of steroids available in the market that will help in achieving your goal. If you are doing your research on your own, then you should always go through the customer reviews on the drug. For this particular drug, the reviews are mixed harboring both on the good and bad as well. There are side effects to every steroid and this drug too has so. For some who have taken a limited amount of dosage consulting their doctors before doing so, it has helped them immensely without creating any kind of side effect whatsoever. But for some, there have been severe side effects like growing of man boobs, diarrhea or jaundice, etc. Thus, it is advisable that if you are going to take on steroids and the drug, you should always consult your doctor and take the drug and follow the instructions that he or she has added while you take the drug.

11. Is Oxymetholone legal?

As the drug is an oral steroid, it is usually used by athletes and bodybuilders who want to gain muscle strength and increase their weight which will help them in their extensive training. There are supplements of the drug which you can buy over the counter in a medical store or purchase online but for this particular one, you need to possess a prescription to buy it. It is illegal too but the steroid for any purpose if you do not possess any prescription. Thus, even though the drug is not really illegal, you need to have a prescription to get hold of it.

12. Consult your physician

If you are contemplating going on the drug to increase your muscle strength and help you gain weight, it is imperative that you first and foremost consult your doctor as he is the one who knows the best about all the drugs and will help you choose the right one and prescribe a dosage that will help you achieve your goal and what you desire. Oxymetholone being a strong steroid, needs to be taken at a particular dosage and you should be checked regularly to see whether the drug is doing what it is supposed to do. If you face any kind of problem while on the drug, it is advised that you consult your physician immediately.


Oxymetholone alternative to Anadrol is a drug that will help you gain weight and muscle strength like no other as it is one of the best steroids that you can intake orally. But there are some side effects to it which need to be taken care of and not ignored if you feel any unease whilst on the drug and consult your doctor as soon as possible. Steroid Alternatives, you may opt to legal steroids Crazy Mass A-Anolone or Crazy Bulk Anadrole.