How to Gain Muscle without Hassles and Adding Fat

how to gain muscle without hassles and adding fat

How can I lose body fat and gain muscle in a month?

When it is about muscle gains, there are many things to pay attention to. Perhaps you don’t really like this idea. Some of you might think that you can’t get more muscles without fat. Unlike sports, bodybuilding helps you increase muscle mass without adding fat. What are the most important parts of building muscle? Well, each of you is different. You need to find your priorities. However, there are 5 basic principles that you should apply to. The first one is to balance your diets around lean protein. You also need low hypoglycemic and nutrient-rich carbs. The last but not the least, you must enjoy ample portions of healthy fats.

Step 1: The Protein is Primary Need

the protein is primary need

It’s the way of life. Protein becomes the core of muscle buildings. Your body needs amino acids. Make sure that you get an ample portion of protein during training. You also need to take protein after the training. It’s important for both the recovery and repair process. At least, you need 1.68 grams of protein/pound of body weight. This is your daily need, after all. An adult can take up to 375 grams of protein every single day. You can spread the portion into 6 meals depending on your preferences. If you train often, you may need more protein intake for the muscles.

Protein is the basic requirement of your bodybuilding nutrition program. You need to pay attention to how many meals you eat daily. Just because protein is important, doesn’t mean you can ignore healthy fats and carbs. These are also compulsory needs. If you train hard, you need no less than 465 grams of carbs. The key is to find several carbs your body needs. That means you need to consume carbs strategically. Don’t eat too many carbs. Otherwise, your insulin levels may spike uncontrollably. That means you will get more fats.
Step 2: Getting Healthy Fats

getting healthy fats

Apart from protein, your body needs healthy fats. What can you do to avoid getting fat when building muscles? You can focus on foods that contain healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, fish, and olives. These foods are the basic requirements for better muscle gains. Remember, you must avoid junk foods at all cost. Those are bad for your body. Not to mention you can’t improve your muscles if you are obese. It’s hard to avoid the appeal of hot dogs, burgers, doughnuts, etc. Just ask yourself, what do you want to build? Are they muscles or fats?

Step 3: Train like a Beast!

train like a beast

If you want to become a beast, you must train like one. During your bulk, you must pay attention to the nutrient. Here’s the fact. Getting healthy requires the same portion of nutrients and workout. You can adjust the way you train, though. That means you can maintain, cut, or bulk it. While you are bulking you are improving the intake of carbs. This way, you have more energy during your training. Not to mention you can do a better performance during workouts. Bulking helps you build muscles. Don’t be lazy. Get jacked instead!

Step 4: Supplements to Build Lean Mass

supplements to build lean mass

When it is about muscle gains, you shouldn’t overlook the use of supplements. The fact is that top supplements help you build muscles without hassles. With a proper diet, these products can minimize fat gains and improve muscle mass. Remember, supplements aren’t food substitutes. They are useful to help you get ample nutrients that you have missed from regular diets. There are many types of supplements. The best one is whey protein and supplements that can successfully increase your Human Growth Hormone such as the recently launched – NiacinMax. Your body can absorb it fast. The best time to consume whey protein supplements is after the workout sessions. You can even use it as a snack.

Other Considerations

Now you have recognized some simple steps to gain muscles without adding fat. What’s more? You can even get more muscles while sleeping. It’s true that sleep is your best friend when it is about building muscle. Sleep helps you repair muscle tissue and it restores your brain function. On the other hand, you can lose focus and gain weight if you are a lack of sleep. You need an ample amount of sleep to be able to gain more muscles. Commonly, you may need 9 hours of sleep daily. The number changes based on your physique condition, though.

Here’s another advice. Drink water! How can water help you get muscle gains? Water is a prime component of your body. That means it’s a vital nutrient. It helps in the transport of nutrient and metabolic reactions. Muscles are composed of more than 78% of water. Insufficient amount of water can cause a bad effect on your muscle mass.