Food to Avoid for Bodybuilding

Food to Avoid for Body Building - junk food

Instead of having a regular exercise, there are still some bodybuilding tips that you should consider when you want to get six-pack abs. One of which is to control your diet. In this case, you should avoid some foods that can make you fail to get the ideal and six-pack body.

If you exercise every day but you cannot avoid some foods that can make you fail to shape your body, then it will all be useless. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing foods to eat. Here, we would like to share with you about Food to avoid body building tips.

1.Grain Products

The first tips are to avoid grains. In the diet program, it is recommended to consume grains. But there are some food products made of grains that are not recommended to be consumed when on a diet, such as white bread, white rice, and white pasta. Therefore, stop consuming those products made of grains. If you continue to consume grain products, perhaps you need a long time to get your ideal body, you can even fail to obtain it.

2. Soda Diet

Soda diet is deceiving many people who are having a diet. Have you ever cheated on the zero-calorie label? Soda is created as a sugar substitute that can increase your weight even three times more than usual.

3.Red Meat and Dairy

Based on studies, people who eat lots of red meat along with several dairies will experience excessive weight gain, which is one pound within four years. If you want to have your ideal body, you should be eating less red meat every day. Because it will accelerate your weight gain.

4.Potato Products

Study ever conducted and published in the New England Journal of Medicine. They analyzed changes in body weight in 120,000 men and women for 20 years. Participants examined every four years. And after the results obtained, it was found that those who gained weight more and faster were those who consumed food products made of potato.

5.Saturated Fat Products

It’s been proven in a study conducted at Wake Forest University. They applied two different diets in a group of monkeys. It was called dietary saturated fat and unsaturated fat. The result is that a monkey with a saturated fat diet experienced a weight gain of about 8.5% in five years. And the monkey with unsaturated fats rose 0.9%. Saturated fats can be found in some foods such as pizza and snacks.


In summary, those are food to avoid for bodybuilding. If you still cannot avoid them, then you will never get the body shape that you really wish. Perhaps, your exercise is still useful to make you healthy, but it cannot make your muscle formed well. Therefore, from now on, consider your diet as the most important thing, and avoid any kinds of junk food and fatty food.