Gain Muscles at Home

gain muscle at home

Gain Muscles at Home

Are you a busy person? Do you want to gain muscles easily? No worries, you can even accomplish that goal without leaving your home. The prime benefit of muscle gains is the increased strength. You lose about 9% of your muscle by age 49. Many experts agree on this. In your 60s, your muscle breaks down about 15% per decade. It can even be worse. Fortunately, you can strengthen your muscles by performing adequate resistance and strength training. Muscle building helps you get stronger and be more active. In fact, you don’t need to visit a gym. You can do the training at home. Here are some steps that you can use.

Step 1: Split it out

split it out

First of all, you need to split your body in half. It can be your lower and upper body. Train each of them twice per week. You have the freedom to make the schedule. Any schedule works perfectly, after all. You should train such part one day at a time. This way, you won’t hit the same muscle areas on back-to-back days.

Step 2: the Squat

the squat

No one can deny the importance of squat. One thing, you must apply different types of squats as the foundation of your training. If you have too easy regular squats, you won’t gain satisfying results. Instead, you must try more challenging variations. These include timed squats, single-leg squats, etc. You need to perform them as many as possible in 30 seconds. As an alternative, you can perform pistol squats.

Step 3: the Hamstring Moves

the hamstring moves

You need to add hamstring moves to your training as well. Glute Bridge is the simplest hamstring move. All of you can perform it, for sure. It’s done by lying on your back on the mattress or floor. Don’t forget to bend your knees and dig your heels below. Then, you need to lift up your hips. If you want to gain muscles, you can try the tougher variation. Just lift your feet onto a chair or bench and do the move.

Step 4:  the Push-Up and Pull-Up

the push up and pull up

The next exercise to build more muscles is the combination of pull-ups and push-ups. These are good for your upper body. The best way to do a pull-up is using a doorway pull-up bar. You can buy this item easily from sports stores. Pull-ups help you build biceps and back. On the other hand, push-ups help you build muscles on triceps, shoulders, and chest. To get better results, you need to use different variations. For example, you can try narrow and wide pull-ups. When doing push-ups, you can add a clap for each repetition.

Step 5: Using Resistance Bands

using resistance bands

It’s also a simple training. You only need to buy a set of resistance bands. You can perform at least 3 different levels of band. Thanks to the equipment, you can perform hamstring curls, leg extensions, lateral walks, and other types of exercises. Not to mention you can add them to other training such as squats to gain muscles better.

Step 6: Improve Your Workload

improve your workload

Remember, you need to increase your workload over time. Gaining muscle is easier if you push your body to do more gradually. That means you must increase the repetitions as time goes by. Your muscles can adapt to the new workload so that you get stronger muscles every single day.

Step 7: Get More Foods

get more foods

It’s true that your muscles need nutrient. You can fulfill their needs by eating more. The prime reason why you don’t gain muscles is a lack of healthy foods. As a matter of fact, you need to eat ample amount of calories. Don’t forget to grab some greens, fruits, protein, and carbs. All of them are useful when it comes to building muscles.

Step 8: Build a Mini Gym at Home

build a mini gym at home

Here’s another brilliant idea. You can design your own home gym. It may seem excessive, buy it’s indeed a good solution. Building your own gym could help you gain faster muscles. It can also improve your motivation to exercise. As a matter of fact, not all training equipment and tools are expensive. You can buy them in bulk so that you can save much money.


In summary, you don’t need to visit a gym to gain muscles. Your home is your training place. You can set a place, buy some tools, and start training. If you don’t have any idea how to perform a proper exercise, you can use video tutorials or instructions. If needed, you can talk to some trainers in your town. Ask them for tips how to perform muscle building exercises at home. They will give you some tricks for the best results.