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What is Anavar?

Anavar is also known as oxandrin and is a steroid product, which is to increase body muscle. It was created decades ago by Pappo by modifying DHT or dihydrotestosterone, using the oxygen atom for the replacement of methylation and 2 carbon in the 17 position. One position of the molecular structure is altered, and then the body will treat androgen hormone and help anyone increase muscle strength, gain lean muscle mass, and reduce the fat in the body by doing some routine workouts.

Since Anavar offers these benefits, it has become well known among athletes and bodybuilders. Though oxandrolone has several androgenic side effects such as liver disease, hair loss, and acne, it still remains anabolic. It is known that Anavar anabolic has some effects, which have been proven by some researchers that Anavar is helpful for recovering low muscle mass because catabolism is burn-induced. It is also known that when they consume Crazy Bulk Anvarol every day, it can help patients with HIV improve lost muscle mass.

Nevertheless, it is also known that oxandrolone can be considered a poor bulking steroid for men who are bodybuilders. In fact, this supplement is quite suitable for women who want to improve their lean muscle mass. Now that you know what Anavar is and how it works, it is time for you to know what the benefits are for you, and whether there are some side effects, as well as the ingredients of Anavar itself. Read more for Crazy Bulk Reviews.

Crazy Bulk Anvarol Benefits & Functions

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Taking Crazy Bulk Anvarol can be a great option for those who want to gain muscle mass, because it offers some benefits. The common function of this supplement is to build muscle mass. However, there are more benefits that you may get. Here are some of the other benefits.

  • Reduction of Body Fat

This may be the first reason why most bodybuilders prefer Oxandrolone or Anavar: to reduce body fat. It has been proven that some men who take Anavar 20mg every day show significant body fat reduction in 12 weeks.

  • Healing Wounds

Anavar is also known to be good for healing wounds. It has been proven that one who takes Anavar every day will have faster wound healing time than someone who does not take it.

  • Good for Respiratory Function

 This supplement is also known to be able to reduce breathlessness and boost pulmonary function for those who suffers from Tetraplegia. It is proven that Anavar can increase the number of red blood cells and can boost athletic performance.

  • Increasing Strength

Anavar is quite popular because it can increase one’s strength. It is also proven that those who take Anavar every day and do some workouts will be able to increase their muscle strength and body strength.

  • Building Muscle

As mentioned early, Anavar is not a supplement that is commonly used for mass muscle building for athletes. But, it surely may support lean muscle growth in men when combined  with a healthy and proper diet. It has been proven that Anavar is able to boost the protein in the muscle, and it is also proven that Anavar is really effective to restore lost lean muscle. Even some doctors use Anavar for mass muscle stimulation in children who are suffering from delayed growth. Women can also take Anavar in order to increase muscle mass.

  • Treating Patients with Muscle Wasting

This supplement is also useful for treating patients with muscle wasting. It is known that at low does, Anavar can impede the catabolism of muscle protein in HIV patients and also support any burn victims.

Crazy Bulk Anvarol Ingredients

crazy bulk anvarol ingredients

Crazy Bulk Anvarol is a synthesized steroid that is made of chemical substances consisting of dihydrotestosterone modification by replacing methylation and 2 carbons into the 17 position by using the oxygen atom, 17b-hydroxy-17a-methyl-2-oxa-5a-androstane-3-one, and anabolic properties.

Anavar Side Effects

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Though Crazy Bulk Anvarol offers many benefits, it is still an anabolic steroid that creates side effects when consumed too much. Here are some of the side effects of Anavar:

  • Acne Growth

It is just similar to other steroid products, Anavar may also cause oily skin and acne. However, this side effect may not happen to all people, and it all depends on one’s  genetic predisposition to acne. However, this is not a big concern, because it has mild androgenic properties. But the oxandrolone still can cause acne. You should keep your skin dry and clean to prevent acne when taking Anavar.

  • The Lipid Value Change

The most important consideration when taking Anavar is that it alter lipid values to an unhealthy level.. It is known to be true that when triglycerides and total cholesterol value change drastically, it can create the possibility of heart disease. This is the reason why most athletes who want to take Anavar need to have blood tests first.

  • Hair Loss

Another common side effect of excessive Anavar consumption is that one may experience hair loss. But it also depends on genetic factors, and some of the users may not experience this at all. . So before you decide to take this product, think first about this risk.

  • Harsh Workout Pumps

Anavar is similar to other steroid products it can boosting workout. This is the effect that occurs due to the red blood cells increasing in the body. The volume of the blood will carry more oxygen inside the body and make athletes more spirited and energetic, but this also may cause too much pumping that can be felt in a certain part of the body. It can make the pumps so painful that a user may stop working out. Therefore, be sure have to take Anavar according to the prescribed doses.

  • Liver Toxicity

Athletes know that consuming excessive Anavar can cause liver problems. It is not recommended to take Anavar with C17alpha-alkylated steroids because it may cause liver toxicity. As long as you take it according to the prescribed instructions, you may not develop  liver problems.

  • Testosterone Suppression

Anavar is known as a mild steroid, but it is still able to suppress your natural testosterone production when you consume it for a long period. It is proven that one who consumes 20mg of Anavar every day will reduce their testosterone production after 12 weeks of usage.

  • Feeling of Nausea

Some Anavar users may feel nauseaous after consuming Anavar, and it may sometimes cause vomiting. However, not all of users experience this. Be aware that it can cause nausea.

  • Virilization

Virilization, especially in women, is a side effect that must be considered. Virilization is kind of male sex characteristic development that may occur when a woman consumes Anavar excessively. The side effects include clitoral enlargement, deepening voice, and body hair growth. Therefore, women must be careful to start with 5-10mg of Anavar.

Crazy Bulk Anvarol for Sale

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You already know all about Anavar in general, and you really want to consume Anavar because of the benefits offered. If you really want to buy Anavar product, then you can buy it at Crazy Bulk, which provides the best Anavar product. You can get safe and legal Anavar on Crazy Bulk for mega muscle mass increase. It is really helpful to improve your strength and stamina when doing workouts, and you can also get rapid results in less than two weeks.

Compared to other products, Crazy Bulk Anavar is considered to be one of the best supplements offering effective lean muscles mass improvement. Though Anavar does generally have side effects, Crazy Bulk Anavar is known to be the safest steroid product on the market. You can purchase Anavar on Crazy Bulk with special offers. It is really affordable and can be shipped worldwide.


In summary, Anavar is not the only option when you want to gain your lean muscle mass. There are so many more supplement products that work similarly. However, Anavar may be the best choice, because it is quite popular among male and female athletes when they want to build their muscle, improve stamina, gain strength. However, it is not recommended to consume excessive Anavar, because it has some side effects that may endanger your body. As long as you consume Anavar according to the instructions, you can reduce the risk of liver toxicity, and you will still have a healthy body.

Crazy Bulk Anvarol
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