3 Types of Body Building and its Body Building Supplement Recommendation

3 Types of Body Building

3 Types of Body Building and its Body Building Supplement Recommendation

When people are starting to be a body builder, one of the most common questions they throw is: what additional food should I consume to get the best body shape? The answer is supplement. Generally speaking, supplement is useful to support strengthening the body’s muscle tissue as well as improving the body’s function, growth, and recovery.

Can be used as food alternative, the supplement will help gaining body weight and increasing the body’s work. In order to choose the best body building supplement which is suitable for your needs, you have to decide your goal first.

  1. Mass Building
  • This type of building is a muscle shaping program if you want to get a firm and muscular arms. Mass building is highly recommended for you who have thin body.
  • There are several supplements suggested for this program. The most essential supplement is weight gainer. Generally, weight gainer milk contains high carbohydrate which can be easily absorbed so you can get a shaped body faster.
  • If you have a thin body, weight gainer high calories is good for you. While if you have ideal body, then you can choose weight gainer low calories.
  • The second supplement is creatinine which is useful in the muscle shaping. Then, the other supplement is amino which is made from pure protein.
  • Amino can be easily absorbed by the body so the muscle formation will be optimized.

2. Body Shaping

  • This type of body building is suitable for you who want to get a dry muscle with clear and sharp muscle dent, an ideal body free from unneeded fats, and a six pack chests.
  • The supplement recommended for body shaping program are whey protein. This supplement is essential in the formation of dry muscle due to its high protein (between 25 – 32 grams protein per serving) so you will get the best result.
  • The second supplement is amino. Made from pure protein, amino will help the body to get its best shape.
  • The third supplement is fat burner. To have a fats free dry muscle and six pack chest, you need to burn out all fats and calories in your body. Thus, this supplement will help you get your dream body in no time.

3. Fat Loss

  • This type of body building is suitable for you who have overweight and want to get a more ideal body.
  • The first supplement is fat burner. Not only to burn the unnecessary fat stored in the body, this supplement is also useful to increase the body’s metabolism.
  • The second is whey protein which contains high pure protein. This supplement can be consumed in the form of powder and simply mixed it with water. You can eat whey protein before or after doing your exercise and training.
  • The third supplement is fat blocker. The main function of this supplement is to tie up the fat contained in the foods we eat. By consuming fat blocker, you do not have to worry anymore if you want to consume fatty foods because it will not be stored in the body.